Aircraft Installation Kits & Logistics

Complementing our aircraft systems engineering and certification expertise, Canard Aerospace offers customers logistical support for large and small aircraft systems installations and modifications.  Canard will provide engineering with or without kits or build to print for our customers.

Our materials facility is currently supplying avionics kits for DFDR/Expanded Parameters, GPS/FMS single, dual, & triple systems, and other programs such as TCAS/Mode S, EGPWS/TAWS, ACARS/CMU, DFDAU, AHRS/INS, and SATCOM, plus Gatelink.  Due to rapid growth, this facility has been expanded.  It is housed at our headquarters across from Flying Cloud airport, in the Twin Cities metro area.

Canard fabricates and supplies wire harnesses and placards.  Assemblies range from simple harnesses to complicated trunk harnesses with multiple terminations and connectors.  Resources include wire stamping and marking machines, calibrated tools and test equipment.  All wire harnesses are tested to ensure quality and 100% accuracy.

Other kit components are out-sourced to qualified suppliers with QC/QA annual audits.  The components include circuit breakers, annunciators, instrument mounting hardware, miscellaneous custom-built brackets and hardware required for major avionics retrofit(s).  These components are kitted, serialized, inspected and are provided with Parts Manufacturing Authorization (PMA).  The kits are sent to various installation facilities throughout the world for installation.  Canard is able to meet or exceed delivery schedules, and perform on a fixed-price basis.

We assign an avionics engineer who takes ownership of each project and provides beneficial solutions to meet schedule and budget considerations.  Our position of developing the engineering data affords Canard the advantage of entering orders at the earliest phase of any project for standard parts, and submit approved drawings for the "build-to-print" materials required in virtually every aircraft program.  This improves on the delivery timeframe and minimizes schedule risks due to material oversights and long lead-times.  Some of our repeat customers include Continental Airlines, Federal Express, Honeywell, CMC Electronics and others.  We are a "Can do" company.  Let us do it for you!